The Basic Strategy Behind Lotto Play

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Help from Previous Winners

There are many tips and tricks offered by past lottery winners of how to strategize and win the lottery. It is a fun way to add a little excitement and thrill into the lives of players, with the potential to become rich in a matter of seconds.

Picking From a Wide Range of Numbers

The first tip offered by strategists on is to do some research before picking numbers. Many people are tempted to choose numbers that are often considered lucky, such as 7 and 11. However, these numbers tend to be chosen more often, so the chances of a shared jackpot are higher. Using both even and odd numbers helps to increase odds, since winning numbers are rarely all odd or all even. With a mix of numbers varied across a wide range, the odds are better to win.

Fun in Numbers

Tip #2 is to join a pool or group of players. Since each participant will contribute to the pool, more tickets can be purchased, which improves chances of winning. Even though any winnings will be shared between the group, the odds of winning a bigger jackpot are increased, so each member will often win more than if just playing alone. Some people even elect to join multiple groups, which continues to improve chances.

Data Analysis

Another helpful hint to lottery play is to analyze data from previous winning combinations. Print and online information is available, which is helpful when determining what numbers have won in the past. Previous data shows that winning numbers often repeat in the next lottery draws, so using this information might help a player to win a jackpot.

How to Choose Lucky Numbers

Some players prefer to choose numbers based on completely random factors. While many choose lucky numbers, such as a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, some allow the numbers to be generated by a computer. There are also ways to combine the two methodologies, such as adding birthdays or looking at numbers that correspond with the letters of the player’s first or last name. Trick #4 is to analyze the numbers of past winners.


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Buy Multiple Tickets

The last tip is to buy more than one ticket at a time. One winner in Virginia purchased two identical tickets and won $2 million total. Some choose the same numbers on all tickets, but many players buy tickets with a wide range. This improves odds, since each ticket represents another shot at the jackpot.

Learning from Others

Winners across the world are often willing to share their tricks for big payouts. The odds go up with each ticket, and players can continue to enjoy the fun of a chance for extra cash.

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