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Aside from my regular work as an Office Administrator, I also coordinate weddings .I have been with this work for more than a decade now. I love this job because it is exciting ,glamorous, fulfilling and at the same time challenging . Coordinating a wedding is like planning a multifaceted event. It has many details to consider from consultation and planning with the bride and groom to the actual wedding ceremony and reception. From the invitations, flowers, entourage attires, food, giveaways, venue, transportation, photo and videography … the list goes on and on.

A wedding is the most exciting and unforgettable day in every bride’s life. She wants it to be perfect and memorable as it can be . This is the reason why as a wedding coordinator, I am picky when it comes to the photos and videos. I had a bad experience with my own wedding 17 years ago. We were left with only few photos during the church ceremony and reception because the 135 films my photographer bought were already exposed and not working .

If you are planning to tie the knot and wants to treasure every glorious moments of your wedding day, you need to hire professional and artistic photographers solely dedicated to capture wedding special snapshots. This momentous event has no rewinds so it is very essential to hire the best like the utah wedding photography . Yes, I can not help but be inlove again as I browsed their wedding gallery. Below are some of their photos that I find so romatic :


Below is the wedding I coordinated last year . I love their shadow effect.


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