GPS Tracking device of Isuzu Crosswind

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On board for the first time to the new Isuzu crosswind of my friend! Oh Gosh! How I love to have a brand new SUV too! Although the gps tracking device usage can not be maximized here in our city as we are not 100% GPS ready, but I enjoyed using it along the main highway . The latest model of Cross wind is fuel efficient too! One liter can take you up to 22 kilometer on a long drive. The price? Just over a Million Pesos… I don’t have it! For now I am contented with my Mitsubishi Adventure…

Our clothes are still under the bed

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Relocating towards a new place is difficult . Experienced this when we moved to my –in-law’s house right after a typhoon hit our placed and damaged our house. With our limited space, we opted to store our things on plastic boxes under our bed. Thanks to a friend who supplied us with boxboy strong boxes. It’s easy for lifting, storing, and for handling by children. Until now, our things are still on it. We decided to but cabinets when we can transfer to our permanent house.

Flash Flood in Camiguin and other parts of Mindanao…Here’s my prayer..

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As I am updating my blog, it’s raining hard outside.  When I opened my Facebook account, I was surprised to see alarming messages on our  FB group that some areas in  our country suffered from flash flood again!

For a moment, I stopped blogging and uttered prayers.

Dear God, the December 2011 tragedy in Cagayan de Oro City  ( my city)    was so shocking and devastating.  God spare us with  another typhoon. People have not recovered yet. We, personally  is still living temporarily under the shelter of  our in-laws. We have a friend at the ICU right now, whom the doctor said  the virus came from the aftermath of Sendong. Please God stop the rain and cover us with your precious blood. Amen!