Amazing God-given talent!

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Running as officer for the School Student Body Organization is not easy nowadays. You must not only have the brain but also have the looks and the talent. This was the challenged my son faced during the campaign period of Liceo de Cagayan Senior High School SBO election. Although he has the edge being a full academic scholar and in the top 10 of their year level but he has to unleash his talent in singing and dancing to draw more followers.

Thanks to my son’s “Snow Pick Band” , their esp guitars and their songs, my son indeed gathered considerable votes during the election. His schoolmates were amazed at how my son can play the electric guitar skillfully , how he can dance gracefully and how he was able to deliver his speech intelligently. Glory to God!

Your Holiday Greeting Cards

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Why wait for the peak season when you can have it in advance?
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Printing Shops would be busy 3 months from Christmas, so having it in advance not only give you ample time with the distribution but it will also save you a lot of money. Your holiday cards can be customized to your specifications. You can have it in simpler way or you can have it with your photos.

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Is joining “Fun Run” addictive?

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I guess this is true. My hubby found his new hobby just last June and that is joining “Fun Runs “ . For a month now, he has joined 3 separate events. The images above was his first entry during the Freedom Fun Run in celebration of Philippine Independence Day. From the 5 kilometer run, he raised his level by running 10 Kilometers last week . He is planning to join the 21 Km run this July 29. No he is not aiming for trophies  or medals , but he’s just want to challenge his capacity. To prepare for this event, he’s doing marathon exercise everyday at our subdivision’s park. A ctually, he invited me to join the run, but I doubt if I can survive running even one kilometer.