Amazing Election of Officers

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I blogged about this on “ A Walk to Remember” but allow me to express again my feelings regarding the Parents-Teachers-Association general assembly this morning of Liceo de Cagayan University – 4th year high school class 2012-2013.

Honestly, I arrived late during the meeting. We finished late with our prayer breakfast, so I was late with the PTA 8 a.m. meeting. I came at the middle of discussion of the school manual. I looked around and found only a handful familiar faces. The manual’s discussion was a delayed because of some parent’s clarifications.
The election came and surprisingly I was elected as the Class PTA President. Amazing! How could they knew me when I was late and was not able to introduce myself? My surname “FANCUBIT” is hard to pronounce and have a little chance for name-recall. Also, I was just silent and seated in one corner during the discussion of manual to refrain from being known. Lastly, physically , I am just simple and beauty for sure can not catch their attention!


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