Planning to apply for a real estate franchise

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Investing in the real estate business is one of the most composite, yet most satisfying business in the entire face of money-generating business groups in the world. I witnessed how the company I worked for 10 years expanded from a small real-estate establishment to a real-estate holding company . From developing a small subdivision in the up-town area of our city in the early 90’s to enlarging their territory to the neighboring cities and provinces in 2012. For a matter of Ten years my previous employer was able to develop Eight (8) high-end subdivision, Five (5) middle-class and two low-cost housing projects. As one of the Office Engineers in the company ( I was in-charged with the cost monitoring) , I know how big is the return-of-investment (ROI) for each house and lot

My husband and some of his friends are planning to get a broker license and apply for real estate franchise from my previous employer. Indeed investing in real estate is a popular investment vehicle considering that value of property appreciate as the years go by. With our city now into “bloom and boom” and with many factories, IT Centers, malls and businesses to be opened, I am sure running a rental property would be profitable. I hope this project will be realized soon!

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