Superstitious? Try These Lotto Strategies

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A quick-pick ticket with two sets of numbers for the National Lottery’s main 6/45 Lotto draw on 29 August 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s understood that winning the lotto takes time and patience. However, there are ways to increase your chances of winning with strategies and superstitions. For example, some people believe turning the potential winning ticket over a pregnant woman’s stomach will enhance their chances to win. Additionally, using birth dates and favorite lucky numbers are another superstition people tend to use. While these may seem a little unorthodox, using these superstitious methods with real strategies may benefit you, and your potential winnings.

  1. Pay attention to winning numbers. Checking in on the weekly lotto results is a great way to watch the numbers that are more likely to appear. Depending on the lotto game you are playing, these numbers can range from one to 55. Don’t assume, however, that just because a number doesn’t show up frequently, that it isn’t a winner. In this case, take your chances by purchasing several tickets with a balance of frequent numbers and infrequent numbers. Increase your odds by using numbers from a dream or off gaming dice.
  2. Lottery pools or clubs can even the odds. A lottery pool is a group of individuals that participates by putting in cash to buy lotto numbers. These groups are often people who work together, friends and relatives. Remember to keep the group limited to about 20 members or less. This way the winnings aren’t too small to split between each other. Additionally, you should only play with a group that you trust. Make the odds better by having the delegated person buying the tickets keep a lucky charm with them.
  3. Play often and frequently. You’ll never score a win if you never play. Regularly playing the lotto can increase your odds. You can also better you chances of winning by playing the lower paying lotteries. For instance, a lotto jackpot of $500 may sound low, but your odds will be better since more people will be attempting to win the higher jackpots. This can lead to easier wins and extra cash in your pocket for more tickets.
  4. Use the Internet to your highest advantage. Do this by visiting lotto sites to see the latest drawn and past winning numbers. You can justify your future tickets with these numbers. Moreover, using the Internet will help you find the best deals online when it comes to choosing lottery numbers.

Counting yourself out of the game early on is the quickest way to lose. Choosing lotto numbers isn’t an exact science. Additionally, using the above strategies and luck methods such as superstitions, do have a chance of increasing the odds in your favor.

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