The Places To Avoid While Travelling

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There are bad travel destinations and then there are ‘bad’ travel destinations. Some of these places are so poor and so ill equipped that travelling can be a complete nightmare. There are several places around the world which are known for being notoriously unsafe for travellers. Most of the travel organizations around the world, list the following countries as places to avoid. Even the most adventurous traveler and the most hardened journalist would think twice about going to these countries.

Sierra Leone

The country boasts of excellence is poverty and above par excellence in crime. Yes, the war torn nation of Sierra Leone is only famous for its conflict diamonds. The hotels are hotels only in name and struggle to provide even the most basic infrastructure. The people are poor and after yeas of strife and violence, one cannot expect anything but rubble in the country. Moreover, corruption and vice is rampant in the country and there is a more than decent sex trade as well. Unless you want to take the risk of contracting AIDS, I would suggest you avoid the place altogether. But they do have a really cool national flag.

Republic of Iraq

An ancient country which is rich in history, culture and cuisine! Sounds like a perfect place right? Well, not quite, the counry has been at war with itself for a long time and Saddam Hussein ensured that the ethnic loyalties were divided to the utmost extreme. However, there are several ancient mosques and palaces which are worth visiting. But then again, you might not live to see it. These days’ only war correspondents and politicians on official business travel to Iraq.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Once a beautiful land, which was filled with open minded and cosmopolitan people, Afghanistan is nothing more than ghost of it’s former self. After the Taliban entered the fray, the people of the nation lost their sense of identity, freedom and everything else the modern world stands for. Foreigners are not welcome and even today; the Taliban’s tentacles can be seen. While things are improving slowly, it may take many years for the country to reach its former glory.

There are several other nations which are capable of making the list and some of them include republic of Haiti, the Chechen Republic, Central African Republic, Union of Myanmar and Republic of Niger.

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