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Our city fiesta is now approaching. Below  is Cagayan de Oro City schedule of activities for the whole month of August. From Beauty Pageant, Sports Festival, Parades, Concert Tours from different Celebrities, Inter-school quiz shows, mall-wide sales and Exhibits.It’s surely an enjoyable month for all the Kagay-anons!

Among the activities, I am so much interested to attend is the Agro-Industrial Fair  and Trade shows. It’s a sure way to get the best buy   and to see a lot of friends. . Are Trade shows becoming instinct with the onset of social media marketing? I guess not! I believe that it is still an essential marketing tool for businesses. Nothing can replace an actual face-to-face connection with people. It’s one of the trade show tips that’s very effective, being able to talk to people and get to answer or their questions instantly. People trust products that they actually saw. It offers the consumers a chance to personally assess the company and the people who work for it.

So if you have a business and wanted to promote it locally, participate in trade show s . Visit to choose what can of advertisement tool you can install. I am sure it will surely boost the popularity of your company and increase your sales!





August 4 Side A back-to-back with Freestyle The Atrium LKKM
August 5 4 AM Water Consciousness Fun Run 2012 Kauswagan
August 11 10 AM Second Fiesta Rondalla Mindanao SM City
August 12 ANCOP Global Walk
4 PM Ms. Kagay-an 2012-Talent Competition
August 15 Agro Fair, Rodeo & Horse Show – OPENING
August 16 Agro Industrial Fair – P4MP DAY
August 17 Agro Industrial Fair – H-4 DAY
August 18 Ms. Kagay-an 2012-Swimsuit Competition
August 19 Kagay-an Festival Marathon 2012
8 AM Fiesta Skate Jam 2012 Amphitheater
21st COMBAT Mountain Bike Competition Lumbia
August 20 Agro Industrial Fair – RIC Day
August 21 Agro Industrial Fair – Fisher Folk Day
August 22 Agro Industrial Fair CAF Activity
August 23 Agro Industrial Fair – CFACO Day
August 24 Agro Industrial Fair Activities
5 PM GMA Kapuso Night SM City
August 25 PE Rhythmic Dance Competition Pelaez Sports Complex
Manila Artist – COCO MARTIN SM City
CMOFA Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta Football Festival Brgy Canitoan Footbal Field
August 26 Kagay-an Festival 2012 Cultural Street Dancing Competiton
Coronation Night Search for MS. KAGAY-AN 2012 The Atrium LKKM
Tapok-tapok Tibook Cagayan de Oro ug Misamis Oriental Tourism Hall
21st COMBAT Mountain Bike Competition
AP – OCCA Fun Run Kauswagan
August 27 Kagay-an Festival ParadeCivic-Military ParadeGolden Float Parade
4 PM Kalo Festival SM City
8 PM Kagay-an Pyro Festival 2012 SM City
August 28 5 PM Kagay-an Festival Revelry SM City

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