Trust and Reliability

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My classmate in high school is a businessman. Their family owns a Residential and Commercial Air conditioning repair and installation shop here in our place. It has been operating successfully for quite some time now. Their dad used to manage the business but now it’s his sister and my classmate together who handles the business. I know that have a good reputation in the business world since big companies in our place are some of their clients. When our church decided to install air conditioning units in our church’s sanctuary, it was them who did it for free! That’s a noble task to do and no wonder why God blessed them so much.

Reliable and quality jobs are what they offer to all their clients. I can relate my friend’s business just like AC Companies Phoenix. The experience, trust and reliability to their customers are always the plus factors why they remain as their clients. Even when we installed our air conditioning units at home, I called up my friend and requested them to do it. They even charged us very little for that job. The company’s principle of doing everything with excellence is what makes them at the top.

Academic Success for Students with ADHD

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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most prevalent conditions among children and students’ behavior problems affecting three to five percent of the population. The indications of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive are associated with different classroom misbehavior (e.g., trouble finishing assignments, difficulty following instructions, easily loses patience, etc.) resulting for these children to be at risk for academic failure. The earliest records of ADHD conditions dated back in the 1700s. These people were known to be called mental restlessness, moral control defect, ADD and now known as ADHD. The doctors gave the children special interventions and noticed that these children were very intelligent as they grew up.Today, children with ADHD are catered with special education. Instead of thinking what works for most children, special education focuses on what works for every child’s individual needs. Some interventions could be applied when teaching students with ADHD.

Establish Rules and Routines Consistently. Rules should be well-defined and clear to the student. As much as possible, it should be written on board or paper. Also, being consistent and firm in reinforcing behavior could help the child in school productivity. Communication between teacher and studentis very essential.

Understand the Learning Style of the Student. Each child has unique learning styles. For children with ADHD, activities should be modified for the pace and duration of the child’s attention span.

Have older students or parents serve as tutors for these students. This could be helpful in encouraging positive behavior in students. Modeling behaviors could help shape the child’s attitude toward learning. Class-wide tutoring implemented by teachers would also create a difference. offers comprehensive tutoring for students with disabilities most especially ADD/ADHD on all subjects. After a one-on-one assessment with your child, you would be catered to the service that best fit your needs. You may see their science tutoring and  programs here.

Behavior Modification.This is most effective when changing behavior one at a time. Use reinforcement strategies such as extinction, satiation or behavior contract.

Close Monitoring by Communication.Monitoring student’s success by providing feedback could be a way of checking student’s improvement. Also, collaborating with parents and providing correspondence about child’s performance at home and in school could be very helpful for the child’s success.

Storm Igme and Julian!

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It’s raining hard since early afternoon in our city. While going home, water is already knee high in some part of the city. Thank God, we were able to  find   a road that’s  not flooded and re-routed our way home. Some of our neighbors  from our previous subdivision   called  me and expressed their fear for another flash flood. No amount of encouragement will take away their fear.  So I just offered our house in case   the rain will not stop by 10 pm.

God please  allow the rain to stop. Our city is still recovering from the  killer flood last December.  Spare us  Lord!