London Olympic Gold Medals

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As of August 3,2012 , it’s a tie between two of the most powerful countries – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  and  PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

Who’s your bet guys? Me and John are positive that USA would  get the highest number of medals  at the end of the Olympic but we are not yet sure if they can  beat China in gathering the gold. What do you thinl?

A safer home with Video Intercom System

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Now that we have transferred to a new residence , we had a hard time adjusting in terms of communicating with family members . Why? Because for the first time we are living in a two-story house with 7 bedrooms. We have this loud form of communication, yelling from the ground floor to the second floor ( and vice versa) specially during meal time calling everyone to be on the table . We set a house rule not to shout but instead go to the person’s room if you wish to talk to him or want something from him. Because this rule can never be followed, we decided to install an intercom system in the house. This way one can call another member of the family through an intercom .

“How about getting a video intercom system ?” I suggested to my hubby yesterday. With crime rising in our city, I fell safe recognizing who would be on the other side of the door before opening it. Of course video intercom system cost higher than the conventional wire intercom but it’s worth the price. No amount of money can bring peace of mind and comfort to the family. Please recommend a site which offer this kind of equipment at a lesser price. Leave a comment please.