The Faces of Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction has many façades; however, none of them are beautiful.Some started out of curiosity or thrill and before they knew it, they are now called a “drug addict”.How can something you love be the exact same thing that could destroy you? Drug addiction is not only a malady of the mind. If left untreated, it becomes the disease of the soul.

One of its effects includes the change in brain activity which could also affect one’s behavior. Apart from the person’s conduct, the negative effects of drug addiction can be pretty much devastating. It can cause severe depression or worse, suicide.

Another overwhelming effect of drug addiction includes the hefty toll that the family of the person carries. It could result to broken relationships and the impact could be a heavy load to carry.

But the families have a choice: it’s either to be proactive, or be the victim. Bradford rehab clinics could help support your loved-ones back from the world of drug addiction. Their doors are open to those who need help to put the person back to his feet again and live a normal life. They have a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment which also includes a family program that could be a great source of strength & help in the recovery process.

Don’t lose your loved ones by losing hope. Take the step now.

The Bradford Clinic Facilities

12 thoughts on “The Faces of Drug Addiction

  1. Saan to exactly monmy? May kakilala lang ako that needs help. And true, dryg addiction eats humans, a person who is addicted to drugs can changed a lot, and for the worse. We really should seek help if we know someone who is into drugs.

  2. This is definitely a good facility for drug addicts. We always have a choice to choose the best thing in our life. I hope those who are victims of drug addiction will know about this place.

  3. my close friend had a brother who went into rehab, all that she had worked hard for went into nothing. Drug addiction destroys lives and I hope that many won’t get “hooked” into it anymore.

  4. It is indeed true that drug addiction could lead to broken relationships and broken homes. But we must not give up our hopes on them I am sure they will be healed when they have the proper treatment and a rehabilitation.

  5. this kind of programs are available worldwide, however it’s more accessible here in the States because addicts are required to undergo such treatment without having to worry about fees as they were being treated. But in the Philippines for instance, it’s very unfortunate because only the privileged persons can afford to have such treatment (it’s like money down first and not service but it’s different here in America).

    • Your absolutely correct sis… that is why as early as now we are investing on medical insurance… kay looy ang tigulang diri sa pinas… naaa… mag unsa nalang di ta kasalig sa mga anak kay galisod pud.. anha ko diha sa inyo beh?hehehehe

  6. One of the things that we must understand is to have a constant support for them when they are already in the facility. Neglecting them will just worsen the situation.

  7. I think that being addiction being treated in a rehab is a good choice. It may take a long process to let the addiction go away but in the long run, it really helps.

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