Tips to achieve your health and fitness goals for 2012

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Oftentimes people are good only in making  their personal development goals at the start of the year. Undoubtedly,  health and fitness  topped  on the list of everyone’s  New Year’s resolution  . Reality is   a great percentage of individuals failed to   accomplished  their goals. Participating in  regular exercise, losing weight programs , and eating right are much easier said than done. Lots of  diets and exercise plans fail, thus it  highly recommended to start out slowly   in order to have  the greater  chances for achievement and success. Below  are some proven things you can do to get that extra motivation and it doesn’t cost a  lot :

1.) Dream your Fitness Goal and imagine yourself accomplishing it. Your goal must  not be so big to make it doable.

2.) Create a Board that displays images of your Goals. Hang it  in a place where it can be easily seen (Like in front of your bed or above the TV Monitor)

3.) Discuss  your Goals to family and friends. The more you talk , the more you will be excited  about your goals..

4.) Write down your Goals and think about the process. Think about all the  amazing things that these fitness goals will bring to your life  like   eliminating  more doctor visits and medication, losing fats and building muscle and  a lot more.

5.) Get a Mentor. This will  help you stay focused and on track attaining your goals. A mentor can provide the constant  monitoring ,evaluation  and focus you need to attain your goals.

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