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Writing is an activity that opens doors for creativity and passion. Values and skills are two important things one gets out of exploring the journey of writing. One needs to think, reflect and somehow put himself to that certain situation just to pour out more ideas and blend thoughts into the content. Hoping that the whole concept would reflect the honor and integrity of those included in the content. The experience of writing can be summed up into three points: mind squeezing, fun and challenging. On top of the list, it’s mind squeezing. Why? The writer needs to create concepts and to incorporate it with groups of ideas which may eventually result to principles in life. One statement states, “Writing is an opportunity to explore.” YES, it is. And it connotes joy to the part of the writer. As writers every second spent is a memory created. It’s life changing in one way or another that many who have read would be inspired, informed and oriented about the purpose of the content and the aim of that certain writing piece. For whatever purposes, somehow readers would eventually relate themselves to that piece.

Writers all over the world may have that certain light to lead others to either goal or direction. Yes, “business” could be one of the reasons why they set sail for the horizon of writing. But this is not only just about money. There could be other grounds why for all the possible careers; they opted to be in the industry of writers. The services of these people are in demand especially in companies and any other business industries, for the fact that their creativity could possibly be converted to successful product promotion and sales. Just like Lawrence Reaves who is a well known freelance writer not only focused in one field but in many varied areas. He is someone who is more than a LABEL: Prolific Writer. More than a name or brag, this is his identity and passion. He definitely takes every topic and willing to accept new freelance clients. Not settling for what is medium-strength but always aiming for excellence. As Margaret Laurence declares this tough statement” When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs. “