Amazing ! A Garage turned into a Painting Gallery

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Hanging  paintings on  your wall is one of  the  finest method  to decorate a simple plain wall and make it more lively and beautiful. It is an  art as it   enhances the  beauty  of a  house  displaying the classic taste of the   home owner.

I have blogged many times already about the paintings of my mom-in-law. She has the gift of creating beautiful and amazing paintings  out from her strokes and color combination.  She is a prolific painter and has done  2 local painting exhibitions in the University she taught  years ago. At 76 years old  does different types of painting like oil, acrylic , water color and charcoal painting.

Lately, she turned our garage into  a painting gallery. She has lots of paintings at  our ancestral house  that she  decided to hanged them around our garage rather than storing them  in her art room.

Among her works, I am greatly amazed  at the  painting below. She called  the painting style sa “pointillism”. It took her only two weeks to finish this meticulous process of an astounding  work of art.

When I asked her what’s her favorite artist, she has a handful of names mentioned . On the types of paintings she loved them all. Recently, she’s exploring   the lds paintings she saw in one of a painting site online. She shared to me some paintings on Zion’s Mercantile   which   interested her so much. She love to paint some paintings which inflicts spirituality in a person like dove, heaven, and cross.  I  am excited to see some  of these in the future, so I encouraged mom to start painting what’s in her heart.

10 thoughts on “Amazing ! A Garage turned into a Painting Gallery

  1. WOW. It always amazed me to see people have this great and fun imagination in them that leads to create a beautiful master piece of arts. She definitely has an eye of an artist. I love her pointillism painting very much. My daughter has the love of arts too and painting as young as 10 but of course not that good yet hehe. But I’ll certainly encourage her more…

  2. she’s truly an artist, a born artist i would say. she indeed draw beautiful paintings! she should make money out of it! :))) i wish i have a talent like that maybe only in my dreams…

  3. those are beautiful paintings sis! my MIL loves to paint as well. She was planning to pass down her work to me when the time comes, because she knows that i will appreciate it. those are really beautiful

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