Amazing Earthquake Reaction!

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September 4, 2012, 3:35 a.m.

An earthquake  tremor   jumped me out from the bed  and shouted at the top of my voice to wake my husband and children  at  the other rooms.   I  took a flashlight, slipped my cardigan and went  to the porch. Dogs were barking    while some people were already out   on the streets.  The quake stopped  after ten seconds so I went back to our room. My kids were still sleeping , as I peeped through their room. My husband was smiling… amused by my reaction. He likened my reaction to the earthquake as that  of  “Angelina Jolie” in “Tomb Raider” . I was quick  and sharp!  He teased me that I have  a good girl scouting drill  training.  I added that I was a “Batallion Commander” in our C.A.T.  The quake awakened  my military skills ..LOL!

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