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Change is inevitable. Like what we are experiencing right now. After Typhoon Sendong damaged our house for 16 years, we were compelled to change residence. For almost a year we are living in a house not our own .Although my husband claimed we have the right to stay because it’s their ancestral house but I am still hesitant to stay longer. I do not have problem with my mother-in-law who stays at the first floor . She’s such a sweet, gracious and very understanding mom . I am the most lucky daughter in-law in the whole world because I am such an adorable Mommy Joy.

Our new abode

But there’s nothing fulfilling living in a house of your own that is why me and my hubby decided to invest on a house in one of the primer subdivision in the city. While waiting we wish to renovate our damaged house starting with the ceiling then down to the wall and floor. For a change we wanted our floor to be carpeted. I believed that a new floor finish can completely transform our house I saw an online Carpet Store which offers 50% off of all their stain-resistant carpet. What I love most with the store is that they are offering a fast, easy and secure financing scheme through their Carpet One Card . The card will maximize a holder’s buying power through low minimum monthly payments.

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  1. beautiful ancestral house sis. i know how you feel, coz we are renting too. even though we are paying for our rent, it is still different when u are at your own house. i wish those contruction workers will hurry up and finish doing our place.

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