Only in the Philippines : Christmas starts in September

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Christmas in our part of the world officially started this month. The spirit of Christmas can already be felt in the air as radio stations are starting to make countdowns and playing Christmas songs. TV shows are bombarded with Christmas ads and the malls too began to adorn some areas of public interest. The image was during me and my hubby’s Cebu City escapade last year. It was still October but the mall was excessively beautified with Christmas decors. At the lobby of the mall we were greeted with a huge Christmas Tree with personalized christmas ball ornaments hanged around it. For a donation to their foundation , you can get a Christmas ball or paper tree where you can write your own name or greetings.

I am so excited how we would celebrate Christmas this year since we had a bleak celebration last year due to the typhoon that claimed thousands of life and washed-out our home.

11 thoughts on “Only in the Philippines : Christmas starts in September

  1. OMG! lol. don’t you think it’s too soon? I don’t think the spirit is still there because Christmas has become commercialized everywhere. Glad we don’t celebrate such occassion.

  2. One of the so-many things I miss being at Philippines. Oh my, I really want to experience Christmas in Pinas once again. I wish my dream will be granted one of this day. Not this year, but maybe next year. Beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Love it.

  3. wow, how nice and tall christmas trees already there. I wish I could visit my family in Philippines but it’s expensive to buy tickets on Christmas. I’ll just have to gaze in your pictures.

  4. Wow…what can I say? So early, eh? Here they are still displaying Halloween stuffs. But I know as soon as October creeps in, those will be in the back store and Christmas stuffs will be on display 🙂

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