Biking : The New Family Hobby

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With the world always seemed to move fast , connecting with our loved ones can give us a sense of contentment and happiness. This is the reason why my husband set a “date day” everyday Friday for the whole family to gather without cellphones,Ipads,MP3 and other gadget that may divert our attention.

Aside from our date day like going out for dinner or watching TV at home, my hubby decided to include family bike riding on the list . He’s a bike aficionado, he does his rounds twice a week for 2 hours . As of now, he’s busy accessorizing the kids bike with thule ski racks and blinking lights … then we are ready to start a new family hobby. I believed engaging in this activity will not only encourages family closeness but it will also bring good health through exercise .


Getting away from pests!

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Looking for a new house to stay is never easy. For the past days, me and my best friend are looking around some primier subdivision to look for a house suitable for her family. A bigger house that would accommodate two families , preferable with 4 bedrooms. Until now we couldn’t find an affordable one. Her house of wooden finish for 8 years has been infested with rats ,mice , cockroaches and ticks . Earnest efforts has been done to remove them but because the house is too old, these pests kept on coming back. She even put some home fragrances but the lingering stale smell of the waste would prevail. Some members of the family were sick already. So she finally decided to look for a newer house made of concrete . I hope this week we can find one.

Sunday Scripture : Life is full of choices

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REALITY is You and I make hundreds of choices  every day. Some of our decisions are fairly insignificant and then there are the choices that impact our lives greatly-choices we live and die with.

There are choices we make that are literally choosing life… choosing wholeness… choosing closeness to the God who made us and sent His Son to redeem us. And there are choices we make that are literally choosing damage and destruction.  Be reminded with the following verses :

“Before the children of Israel went into the land of Promise, Moses delivered an important message about the important choices we make from Almighty God Himself: 19 “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, that you and your descendants might live! 20 Choose to love the Lord your God and to obey him and commit yourself to him, for he is your life. Then you will live long in the land the Lord swore to give your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Deuteronomy 30:19-20

The different types of Taxes in the Philippines

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There are different kinds and types of taxes that are imposes all over the world. In most countries there are different types of taxes and levies that must be paid. There are often many variations that exist in states, countries and provinces all around the globe. In the Philippines we have major taxes to paid like the Income Tax , Real Estate Tax , Business Tax , Capital Gain Tax and Inheritance Tax.

Income Tax are usually withheld every payday by the employer, this is widely known as Witholding Tax and yearly filed every 2nd week of April. Real Estate Tax is the kind of tax people pay for their properties like buildings, houses and lots. Business Tax of course is the tax each business pay to the government. This is the kind of tax where most people fail to pay what’s due to the government. This is the most controversial kind of tax , where business often hire tax mediation attorney to protect their income and money. Capital Gain Tax is the tax imposed for every property sold to another person. The amount varies depending on the amount paid for the property. Inheritance Tax is tax imposed to the heirs for the property inherited from family and other people. This usually cost a considerable amount. The reason why some heirs opted not to change the ownership of the property.