Ayala Centrio Mall opens November 9,2012

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Whew! What a day!

The bloggers from our city where invited this afternoon for the sneak peak of AYALA CENTRIO MALL. The biggest chain of mall in the country finally will open on November 9,2012. The Mall will be the destination where adventure begins with the best shopping, dining and entertainment in the region.

We were toured around by their operations manager from zone to zone. Aside from the usual zones like the IT, Kids,Sports,Signature Boutiques, entertainment, they have this healthsmart foods section where they supplies organic and home grown products. We were all excited as we moved from one floor to another. When we arrived at the Cinema, everybody was excited. The floor is  fully carpeted from the entrance to the top-most part.  The cinema is indeed world class complete with the  latest audio and video system. I would surely not fail to watch movie on the opening day.

Of course the tour ended with foods provided by Ayala Marketing Team.  Thanks CDO Bloggers for the invite.

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