Changing the ambiance of our old house

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It seemed to be a never ending work. My mother-in-law with my two sister-in-laws decided to make a major renovation of our ancestral home. It would begin as a simple kitchen repair that includes re-tiling, repainting and building additional new cabinets. The idea came when my sister-in-law who’s working in the U. S. visited  that prompted her to call my mom and suggested that we would work together to realize this idea. We have two dirty kitchens. The first one was used by the family and the other one for their furniture workers. My father-in-law once owned and operated a furniture business. The house is a two-storey building and the upper part was used by the family. The lower part was used as the furniture shop.

After my father-in-law died, the family decided to close the furniture shop and decided to convert the lower part of the house as an extension for those who want to rent rooms. My mother-in-law built four rooms downstairs occupied by tenants for many years. After two of her kids (my sister-in-law and my husband) got married and the youngest worked abroad she occupied the lower part of the house and let somebody rented the upper part. That’s where the renovations begin. But we are all happy to see the partly finished project since it changed the ambiance of the old house.

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