How to make an attractive and effective brochures?

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In marketing your business, reality is sales don’t just happen. I remember my college “Economics “subject instructor who explained to us that customers go through three stages before purchasing a product. First , they should know the products or services. Second, they collect information and compare products and lastly making a choice for purchase. One of the most important marketing vehicles that convert sales are BROCHURES. A brochure presents customers with detailed information about the products or services .

What it takes to make a attractive and effective brochure ?

Cover Design

The cover of the brochure is very important as it invites prospect customers to look for more information further. Sometimes people judge a brochure by its cover. If the design is dull and uninviting, they no longer has the interest to known more on the inside.

Brochure Content

Content of a brochure feeds the prospects with rich information that is sufficient enough for them to make a purchase decision. Competition is stiff in the market so present the products with pros and cons for easy comparison with your competitors, answer the frequently asked questions to eliminate the doubts that prevent the prospects in buying your products and most importantly look for a printing company like Conquest Graphics which supplies brochure / booklet printing in an eye-catching style .

Contact us

Contact information should be printed prominently on cover, content and the back of the brochure. An effective brochure should include your 1 800 number or website URL for placing orders by phone or online.

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