My mom can’t stop renovating our house

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My mom believed that her is the biggest asset is our ancestral home. This is the reason why she invested much of her money, time and effort for renovation and beautification. She put her money into it for the last ten years continuously improving the house to preserve and even increase its value. She expanded the porch and landscaped the garden 3 years ago. Last year, she added bathroom and toilet to two of the rooms. Then this year was the expensive one since she simultaneously remodeled the kitchen, added another guest room and converted the garage into her art gallery.

I thought she’s finished with the renovation but she is planning to replaced the vinyl floor with carpet or hardwood. Thanks to wood floors from Carpet One we found the hardwood that my mother so longed desired. Their gorgeous designs are perfect to our existing wooden furniture and room paint colors. If only delivery to our country is included on the list I would surely avail of its on-going promo. I just hope we will find the same kind of hardwood floor finish in our local home depot.

Whew! My mom can’t stop renovating our house. She enjoyed it and does not mind the expenses that goes with it.

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