No Trick, Just Treat!

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One of the celebrated holidays by mankind is Halloween on the evening before November 1. This revelry is often associated with dressing up with scary outfits, trick or treating or by kids seeking goodies from house to house. Halloween actually has different names like All Saints Eve, All Hallows Eve, All Hallow Tide, and so much more. It is the shortcut for “Hallow’s Eve” or “Hallow’s Evening” which is correctly spelled as “Hallowe’en”. When this day arrives, people who participate in this event would fill the air with plump colors of orange and black in the house or backyard. The color orange represents strength, fortitude and harvest while black signifies darkness and death which reminds us that Halloween was a commemoration of the periphery between life and death.

Traditionally, people would dress up creepy get-ups on the streets disguising as witches, ghosts and all the terrifying things that one could ever think of. But in the modern times, it has somehow changed into the perspective of dressing up as a person that you want to be. People would ensemble as their favorite TV or movie character such as Dora the Explorer, Batman or Avatar (movie). Putting on body jewelry such as navel rings and tunnels is also an additional trend for Halloween party goers and fashionable trick or trickers. Though the meaning of Halloween has somewhat changed over the past eras, it is a great time to express our imagination and give ourselves freedom to be someone that we have dreamed of becoming, even just for a night. For a one-of a-kind idea this Halloween, click here for more details.

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