A review of our Family’s Wish List

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I was scanning my external hard drive when I opened our 2012 Plan written on New Year. I decided to publish it here for further evaluation at the end of the year. I hope we were able to fulfill at leat 80% of what we have written.


  1. Family Morning Devotion – Saturday and Sunday
  2. Family Evening Devotion – Nightly except Wednesday & Friday
  3. Weekly memory verse (1 memory verse each week)
  4. Reading of the Bible for a year (complete reading of the Bible)
  5. Meditation and Self devotion
  6. Church attendance and involvement will increase
  7. Relationship with the brethren will be stronger
  8. Involvement in Church growth (Seminars/Evangelism…etc.)


All family members and love ones are in good health and in top form…

  1. Have at least 7-8hrs. of sleep daily
  2. Have a regular exercise at least 3x/week

Mamang: Taebo/walking/jogging

Papang: Mountain Biking/jogging/Ping-pong

IJ: Mountain Biking(1x/week)

Dale: Jogging

  1. Ideal weight

Papang: 145lbs

Mamang: 105lbs

IJ: 110lbs

Dale: 85lbs


  1. Floor Tiling – Sala, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms
  2. House painting (inside and out)
  3. Laptop of papang (High end)
  4. Netbook of IJ
  5. Additional front roof
  6. Additional C.R.
  7. New cabinets/bookshelves – Dale, master bedroom
  8. New Sound System (Component)
  9. SUV/Pick-Up (Brand new or second hand) – For SUV, Crosswind or Adventure; For Pick-up, Ford or Isuzu
  10. New Mountain Bike by June


  1. Have at least P500,000.00 savings in the Bank
  2. Kid’s savings, P100,000.00
  3. Blogging income: P40,000.00
  4. Debbie’s support will continue
  5. Business – Farming (Manokan, Root crops, goat raising, hog raising, cows, carabaos, vegetables…etc.
  6. Other business opportunities
  7. Salary increase of Pastors


  1. Mindanao – Visit Davao as a family
  2. Visayas – visit Palawan
  3. Luzon tour – Visit Baguio as a family
  4. Hong Kong – as a family or couple’s date
  5. Asian trip (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan) as a family or with friends


Computer Repair Software

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Once you have a computer unit at home or office and you start using the internet, you can also expect virus to invade you computer if you are not careful enough. One of the computer sets in our Church office was destroyed when a young people inserted her USB to extract a file for the youth church. A virus invaded our unit and a malicious site just appeared. After restarting our computer, we just found out that it will not open anymore. Our friend suggested for us to buy a Computer repair software so we could take care of our units. It’s quite expensive nowadays for computer repairs and we need to take extra caution and be responsible enough in using the internet.