Another great ad from the Budweiser brand

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First came the frogs and then the “Whassup” guys and now the newest ad from the Budweiser brand promises to be just as memorable. The all-new campaign is based on an entirely new concept that takes a look at sharing great moments with those you care about and allowing yourself to be spontaneous in life.

Everyone has different memorable moments, whether it’s a winning goal or unexpectedly clapping eyes on a long lost friend. Whatever your moment, sharing it with your loved ones makes it all the better.

Budweiser  are the highest selling beer brand in the United States and now they are hoping to tap into the special moments that make us who we are. Due to their popularity, the famous beverage is now produced in several different breweries around the globe.

The filtered beer is available in both packaged and draught forms, making it perfect for an array of occasions, whether you’re watching football with the guys or dining alfresco style throughout the summer season.

Just fill a bucket full of ice, grab some beers and round up your friends. Moments are not just things that have already happened, there are plenty more just waiting to get started.

Beer is the ultimate get-together beverage and makes the perfect addition to an evening BBQ, a beach party or a night out on the tiles. Bringing a group of your cherished ones together has never been easier!

The humorous and outgoing advertisements behind the marketing campaigns Budweiser run have become global phenomenon’s, attracting more and more devotees to the brand every year. Budweiser are also known for promoting motor sports, festivals, events and football matches, all helping to secure them in the public consciousness as a good-time brand.

Budweiser’s new advert certainly showcases this strong social spirit, showing us that it doesn’t matter where we are when a moment is made; the important thing is that we share it with friends.

The key message behind each of the ‘moments’ advertisements is that ‘good times are waiting’. Each of the new trailers centres around an event, such as a highly anticipated baseball game or a live concert. The ad slowly builds up to the excitement and anticipation of the event in question, highlighting how Budweiser plays a crucial role in allowing people to share the fun and joy with each other.

So, what’s your special moment going to be?