Hardwood flooring is classic and timeless

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Wooden paneling are popular in houses designed in the 1980’s. Our ancestral house is made of wood, except for the footing, columns . beams and roof, the rest are made of hardwood. My childhood homes living room had one wall paneled with this artificial wood, so was my basement. My mom decided to remove that one wall of the living room and replaced it with a concrete wall since the wood can no longer hold frames and other hanging decorations. Most wall of our bedroom were replaced too to avoid pest and other insects thriving in the middle of the wood panels. Now days, no one with a sense of design would add wood to their walls. They are just used now to floors and cupboards. Good-looking hardwood flooring are memorable. I am one of the biggest fans of hardwood floors since what we have at our ancestral home is easy to polish and maintain.

Hardwood floors are timeless, classic and are always in style. Styles of floors have made progress from the 1950’s. My home growing up had this type of flooring installed when the house was built. It was as authentic as it comes. Our family dream house of course should have hardwood floors in some portion of the house.

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