Its truly a close race!!! Romney Vs. Obama !

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Barack Obama is way behind by  29 points since as of this posting 10:25am here in  the Philippines, Romney got 152  while Obama at 123.

I was amused today since a blogger friend asked me whom I voted for the election. She thought I am living in the USA. It’s maybe because I kept posting on my Facebook Status the election results. If only  I am a US Citizen, I would surely campaign for my bet. Being a politician runs in my blood. My father has been a Barangay Chairman and  a Vice-Mayor . Me? I have been an Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman . I transferred residence when I got married, so I was not able to  run as Chairman in our plance.

Anyway, back to the USA Election Fiasco, I hope my bet will win. What do you think?

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