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Construction projects are huge and complicated work. I know it because I have been in the industry for the past 20 years. The task is daunting especially if you are the project manager. Every employee produce works to further the project and that creates a ton of files to sort through. Each contractor, consultant and engineers and everyone involved in the project communicates with one another to ensure the direction of the collaboration is mutual. These communication can happen at meetings, over the phone, radio or via email. At the end, it is difficult to keep track of all this communication. Some of the information becomes obsolete as time flew . I remember when I was still a fresh graduate with my Civil Engineering , everything was manual then. I started as an apprentice to the biggest construction company in our region and was assign in monitoring materials and equipment usage, I was faced daily with bulk of paper works. Encoding of data were all manually encoded. It takes time to print and re-check the data.

Now with the onset of modern technology managing a project is made easier through computer program software. The wealth of information flows out of on every project are monitored, recorded and evaluate easier. Have you heard of SEER Product Tools? It is a project management tool which would allow you to describe a project in a few simple steps, and based on sound science and applicable project histories. The tool would be of great help as it provides you with the most likely estimate for project cost, effort, and duration. It can analyze and test trade-offs in a matter of seconds by changing one or more project variables. Why SEER? Because it can determine specific percentage probabilities for achieving project objectives, and further, how those probabilities could be improved by small changes in various underlying constraints and assumptions. It can let you create privacy controls.

For more information about the tool, you can look at the diagram below, A flow chart at how SEER tools work.


If you wish to know more about this tool, please visit their website. I am sure the site would be a great help to you.

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