Assisted and Independent Living

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My mother-in-law is now 77 years old and yet she’s still as active as she can be. After spending three years as a retiree, she decided to go back to work. First as an Art teacher in a Mission school in Bukidnon, and now as a School directress in a Korean Mission school here in our city. All her three kids would really want her to consider having an Assisted living  so she could take care of herself and we could have a peace of mind knowing that her personal needs are taken care of. But my mom is simply a survivor. She’s a type of woman who loves her profession and lives with her profession. All the teachers under her care also loves her a lot and looks up to her with great admiration.

My mother-in-law has a different meaning of the phrase “ Independent living  ”. At this stage of her life, she still wants to accomplish much and do things which impact others. She’s a member of a rescue team, an avid member of Rotary International and a church deaconess. Not stopping with our petite yet very lovable mom. As long as there is still an important thing to do and as long as she still has the will power to do it, then you can count on my mom!

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