Images of Typhoon Bopha

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The death toll from the powerful Typhoon “Pablo” (international name Bopha) increased to at 140 as rescuers battled to reach areas cut off in flash floods and mudslides in various areas in Mindanao. The badly hit area was Compostela Valley were 51 people were killed due to flash floods.The storm caused 24,000 families or 120,000 persons all through-out the Philippines.

I greatly thank God that our city was spared. A year ago we were devastated with Typhoon Sendong which claimed more than 2,000 lives. It was such a tragic and traumatic event that I could no longer afford to mention the details here as I was a direct victim of the flash flood.

Typhoon “Pablo” already left the country yesterday yet it left disturbing and distressing results. Some areas are inaccessible due to destruction of roads and bridges. Communication lines are still down , there is no electricity and supply of water are shut down in severely affected areas. Thanks to the mobile satellite Internet , government and other disaster agencies were able to clearly correspond to each other.
Below were some of the pictures I snapped amidst the wind and rain.

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