Organic Gardening Is In

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With the onset of different kinds of deceases these days , people tend to look for alternative .One that is gaining popularity is Organic gardening . People create their gardens especially for growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables for personal consumption or even for profit . This trend has created many new advocates from the world of the food experts and alternative health practitioners.

Organic gardening is basically growing things without using any chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic materials. You can do this by planting vegetables, herbs, fruits, and even flowers. Organic gardening enable nature to take control and lets things grow naturally, using only the nutrients provided by Mother Nature.

My mom is a vegan and has a small garden in the backyard . She grows crops that come up ready to be eaten like tomato, bitter gourd and other leafy vegetables. She love to watch TV, read magazines and browse online sites like The Grower Exchange . I have observed that her crops stay fresh longer than those grown through conventional methods.

How I wish I could be just like mom who loves cultivating soil, make compost and tend her gardens. I believe my hands is not lucky with agriculture . I do not have the patience and the skill of tending gardens .

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