Amazing Mass Wedding at South Korea

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I saw this video online awhile ago and I can’t helped but be amazed with the wedding of 3,000 pairs held in one of the biggest gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. They are all member of the Unification Church founded by Sun Myun Moon … or better known as the moonies.

I just wondered if there were some Filipino among them , since the sect has been active in our country few years back. In fact, I have a friend who nearly got married but was pulled-out from their compound forcibly by her  family.  I am planning to post  her story here in a few days.

One thought on “Amazing Mass Wedding at South Korea

  1. Grace, ako cousin kay apil sa Korean-Filipino mass wedding sa Manila… so far she has a good life with her korean husband, naa na sila duha ka anak… mo visit sila diri sa davao during kadayawan kay ganahan si koreano mutan-aw ug kadayawan… hehe anyway, gikasal pod sila didto sa Korea…

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