Can a Pope resign ?

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I was on a  blogger’s event   sponsored by a cellular phone network when  the blogger beside me   showed CNN tweet about Pope Benedict XVI resignation. He asked me if this is true or just a hoax? I could not answer him because I was not online for the whole day. My iphone battery was dead, so there is no way for me to check the news. So after getting everything done at home, I searched about the news and found the issue trending on yahoo, google, tweeter and facebook.

Can a pope resign ? According to  British Catholic weekly journal “The Tablet” that there have been “at least four and possibly six” papal resignations. The last pope to  have  resigned was Gregory XII in 1415,  Pontian in 235 A.D.; Silverius in 537; and Celestine V in 1294. John XVIII is also believed to have resigned shortly before his death in 1009.

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