Philharmonic Orchestra at Rhodelsa!

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I regret I was not able to see this show. Going out to an Orchestra or Musical Theatre is something I enjoyed so much. Music plays a great part in many peoples lives,whether it is to listen to or take part in. Personally, listening to orchestra not only unwind me with the daily stress of life but it also refreshes memories of my childhood. We came from a music oriented family. Two of my brothers made it a profession. They are in a band that toured around Asia and play music in bars and clubs. My father and mother are good singers too and they both can play instruments like guitars, saxophones , piano and flute.

Fasting during lenten season ?

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Palm Sunday is the first Day of Holy Week. It is when Christians all over the world remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. It is called Palm Sunday because the crowd were so happy to see Jesus so they took branches from the Palm and Olive Trees that lined the road. They waved them in the air shouting “Hosanna ” (which translates from Hebrew as God Saves and put some of them on the road to make it easier for the donkey to walk on the rocky road.

Aside from the traditional prayer and fasting, a lot of people celebrate this spiritual event in a modern way like doing away with things they love to do. Fasting from social networking, fasting from watching TV, fasting from reading the best cigar magazine or movie sequel books , fasting from using gadgets… the list will go on. Whatever it is.. please remember do everything for the Glory of GOD!

Sadness and Hapiness when your child graduates….

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Graduation ceremonies  is one of a parent’s proudest moments. When you look at all of these children whom were no more than little kids when they entered the school in  1st grade  and are now leaving  their elementary years  as young adults,  reality sets in.  My daughter is  graduating next week and the fact that she is  no longer  the little girl that I used to cuddled  hits me  pretty hard. To 7 1be honest ,  I felt a sense of sadness that comes with a Child’s growing up and not needing your nurturing as much. To cope up, I am thinking back  when I was  in the same situation and realize that for the child it is a good thing to move onward and upward toward adult-hood. They have so much to look forward too in life.

For my babay Dalefaith  – CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud of you! Your graduation gift awaits as you step down the stage to receive your diploma. I assure you , with or without a medal… you are still our number 1!

Power and manual tools

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I believe every guy loves to repair and help around the house.My hubby is the fix-it-all of our house . He love doing the repair works at home not only to cut cost but mostly because he finds joy and fulfillment in doing it . He has an tools in the house from carpentry, masonry, electrical and electronic tools. He has power tools ( those which are powered by electricity) and also manual tools. His latest addition of his collection are the toggle clamps . This tool greatly simplifies a complex task which requires more hand and time.  The only problem that I have  with his tools is that he has lots of friends who often borrow his tools without  even thinking of returning it.   My hubby does not want to offend by always reminding them. Is it alright if I will be the one to remind the borrowers about the tools?