Amazing Money Offers

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I am amazed at the unbelievable offers that flood my e-mail box every day. Recently, I   received an  offer of free money that I will acquire  a week, and my “take” totaled $15 million. Last week , I  was enticed again to reply an email offering another considerable amount of money. But each of these offers is  a fraud from a $1 million prize to a $15 million offer—was nothing but a lie sent by unscrupulous people  who are trying to  squeeze money from me.

Some people are  vulnerable to fantastic offers  which  in reality pay off with nothing but trouble. We are offered false hope that ends in dashed dreams. I knew a lot of people who have been scam and have fallen to this trap. My brother has been persistently arguing about an offer which I told him is a scam. To his satisfaction, I called a friend from London and requested to investigate  the company  and the name of the person mentioned in my brother’s email.  The offer   looked genuine at first because the money involved was not that big  but when my friend gave me the report that there’s no such company and person existed in UK , only then my brother was convinced.

Are you receiving the same emails everyday?

Amazing Speech : RN Hannah Grace Rosal

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Last Sunday was our church’s “TRIBUTE TO THE GRADUATES & HONOREES”. It is an annual event where graduates and students who received honors and medals for the school year are recognized and appreciated. Part of the program was the message of Thanksgiving both from the parents and the children. I was touched by the message of thanksgiving from each students but this one made me cry. It is from my Godchild  who recently passed the Nursing Board Exam.  We were so blessed as we listened to her heartfelt speech… read along and surely  you will be blessed too!

Photos after the Program

Ms. Hannah Rosal with her proud mohter!

Good afternoon…

It is my honor to speak in front of you not as a graduate anymore but as someone who finally achieved what she really worked hard for.

One year ago since i graduated, I was also overwhelmed because finally I have finished the seventeen years of hardwork, but it was not yet the end. I was not like the other graduates who were excited to find jobs and have that sense of relief. For me, the battle is not yet over, it was still the start of the climax. If in my college times I study hard for four years to get my Diploma, this time, I have to review all the 4year concepts all over again for 5 months to get my license. It was a make or break challenge for me. The pressure was drowning me, because of the expectations of the people. It was not easy for me, my mother is a nurse, and I graduated from one of the high standard schools here in the philippines especially in terms of board exam passers. I was full of doubts and uncertainties of passing this examination. But despite all that, i believe that God is with me no matter what, and the support of the people who loved me especially my parents was enough to give courage in motivating me to study more and pass the board.

Moving forward, after the board, the real challenge began, the moment of waiting. But for me, i gave all to God, continue serving Him, forget all the worries and released all my stress. I prayed to God that if it is His will to make me a registered nurse, He will make it happen…

The moment of truth came UNEXPECTEDLY… That I finally made it! GLORY TO GOD! T’was at the right moment, at the right place and at the right persons I’m with. It was a day after my father came home from abroad. I really cant explain what i felt that time. It was when the three of us were having our lunch together at MOA. The hunger was gone, i ignored the delicious food in front of me and I still cant believe it! My parents were really excited to spread the good news, its as if I won the election.

But one thing i will never forget that time was when they were the one thanking me, they were so proud of what i have achieved. They said all their harwork are finally paid off, but the truth is no one can repay their hardwork even if we reach the greatest achievement in life.

Being as a parent is not an easy job or a debt that can be paid after we finish school and become a professional. All their love and hardwork they give us are unconditional and cannot be paid at all.

For my parents, They have put so much effort just to let me finish college and helped me reach this greatest achievement in my life. For my father who really sacrificed the moment of spending his time with us and for my mom who took the responsibility alone.

I thank God for His faithfulness in our lives,…for giving me a Godly, supportive, loving, caring and understanding parents. If they did not dedicate me to God, where would i be now? I thank my parents for everything, no words can describe how grateful i am… I just want to say I love you so much ma and pa…

To the pastors and leaders in this church, thank you for teaching and nurturing us spiritually. “for the sunday school teachers who taught us to live like Christ, it was really a strong foundation for us to live a Godly life which I brought up since i was a child until now as a professional. It really helped me for becoming what i am now.
For the people who prayed for me and trusted me.. Thank you..

Lastly, i want to share this verse which really guided me all throughout my life… Since childhood, i served God until now, because of that, i have finally achieved what i’ve been dreaming of… To be become a registered nurse… And i believe most of us know this verse.

Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you…

To all the graduates and to all the dreamers out there. I hope this message would be a living testimony to all of you… Never stop dreaming, never give up and most of all, Never stop serving God. Thank you and God bless…


Amazing Details of our Body!

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While getting a physical health examination recently, I was amazed at the pieces of equipments used to check my eye, heart, blood and other parts of my body. I was impressed that someone had invented all those equipments to that could gather a lot of details about my current general health simply by looking at the result of the test.
Like for example at one blood sample, I was able to know a lot of test like my lipid profile, sugar count, uric acid, potassium,calcium, liver, white blood cells, red blood cells and many …many more!

It is remarkable that a person’s overall health can be measured by the result of the blood tests. I the remembered What care the Lord has taken to place these details in the bodies He has created! It immediately brings to my mind the words of David, the psalmist, who reveled in God’s creativity: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well” (Ps. 139:14).

Summer time can be productive or idle !

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It’s summer in our part of the world, so that means more time to bond as a family. Summer time is a productive time for teens or it could be an idle time too. It’s important to give your teenager an opportunity to make their summer vacation productive. Since parents often think about how they can help them to be productively occupied while they are at work and school’s out, it may not be a bad idea to enroll them into summer class. How about encouraging them to play a new instrument this summer ? My hubby started to teach my daughter acoustic guitar last week. I thought she would not like it but the moment she strummed the guitar, she began to love it. Now, that her birthday is coming so soon, we are planning to give her classic floyd rose special or any guitar of equivalent quality.  I know, she would be very surprise and happy to receive it!