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I am amazed at the unbelievable offers that flood my e-mail box every day. Recently, I   received an  offer of free money that I will acquire  a week, and my “take” totaled $15 million. Last week , I  was enticed again to reply an email offering another considerable amount of money. But each of these offers is  a fraud from a $1 million prize to a $15 million offer—was nothing but a lie sent by unscrupulous people  who are trying to  squeeze money from me.

Some people are  vulnerable to fantastic offers  which  in reality pay off with nothing but trouble. We are offered false hope that ends in dashed dreams. I knew a lot of people who have been scam and have fallen to this trap. My brother has been persistently arguing about an offer which I told him is a scam. To his satisfaction, I called a friend from London and requested to investigate  the company  and the name of the person mentioned in my brother’s email.  The offer   looked genuine at first because the money involved was not that big  but when my friend gave me the report that there’s no such company and person existed in UK , only then my brother was convinced.

Are you receiving the same emails everyday?

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