Knee cart for broken knee

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My friend met an accident during a basketball tournament. He had a freak accident bumping with one of the opponent’s player. It almost resulted to a brawl since my friend is the star player of the team. Thought they won the match, which is a Championship game, my friend suffered a broken knee.

His family brought him to an orthopedic and he was given a knee cart to be used for six months. He surely will miss a lot of games but I also believe that my friend can recover from this ordeal and still play the best game of his life. Get well soon and get back to the court soon!

Amazing grand canyon high wire walk by Nick Wallenda

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My are heart skipped and palpitated as I watched the full video of this amazing stunt this evening at Discovery Channel. I could not helped but shout  and jump knowing that a miss step would mean death for him , who walked without a safety harness or safety net below him.

I rejoiced seeing him praise Jesus as he walked.  If I am not mistaken , I saw   Rev. Joel Osteen at the crowd waiting together with his family and friend.  He’s  such an encouragement!

Germany will hire nurses from the Philippines

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The German Embassy announced yesterday ( June 22 ) that the German Federal Employment Agency (BA/ZAV) is now ready to hire 500 Filipino nurses as part of the agreement on “Triple Win Migration” with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

“The recruits will first work as assistant nurses in hospitals; after recognition of the foreign qualification work, they will be absorbed as qualified nurses,” the Embassy said in a statement.”  Details from the Recruitment Specification Form (RSF) sent by BA/ZAV to the concerned government agencies stated that a total of 500 nursing staff will be hired by the Federal Republic of Germany until the end of 2014.

(  see full report from  Manila Bulletin )

V is for VBS Certificate Sample

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Our church just finished with  the one week children  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL with the theme ‘”Boomerang Express”. It  was a fun filled  avenue for children to learn God’s word through singing, dancing, arts and crafts and other kids  activities. There were more than 50 children who graduated and received  this certificate. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Sunday School Teachers! To God be the glory!