I was made an instant wedding coordinator! Amazing!

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I went to a wedding as an ordinary guest, but I ended up coordinating the wedding ceremony. Why ?  Because the company which the couple hired sent someone who has no experience in coordinating a wedding. Thank God I went there   30 minutes earlier and than God for the  wisdom, I was able to discern  something is  not right while looking at the person in-charge so I volunteered to assist.  When the priest’s assistant told us to start the processional, he gave up and turned to me for help. So I got a copy of the program and started  to check the details. The Church liturgist or commentator  has not yet arrived. Some of the principal sponsor  were absent. We could not wait for them,  so I asked for replacement. Thank God someone volunteered to act as liturgist.

Thank God the processional went smoothly, except for the bible bearer who refused to walk down the isle.   I am not used to coordinating  a catholic wedding, so I patterned the processional with my usual way of doing it.   Their were no ushers  to guide the entourage to their seats, so I  let the maid of honor and best man  do the job.  Yes! I know the maid of honor supposed to walk down the isle before the Bride or some at the back of the bride to look after the  gown, but this time I   let her walk after the best man . I do not have the luxury to orient the entourage at a longer period of time  because the priest was  already  giving a cue to start. I greatly thank God that my quick instruction was easily understood by everybody.

God really is  worthy of Praise!  With-out the processional would be a chaos!

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