Maximum UV Protection With Polycarbonate Lenses

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When considering to buy a pair of sunglasses, most people don’t mind about the lenses and just consider how “cool” and “trendy” they look when they put them on. While looks may seem equally important, the ability of the lenses to provide adequate protection for your eyes is far more essential.

With the advancements in technology, different types of lenses are used in glasses. Each and every type caters to different needs. The polycarbonate lenses are widely used in sunglasses these days. They provide 100% sun blocking. They are very light and they don’t shatter very easily. Polycarbonate lenses are perfect for sporty glasses and children sunglasses as they are scratch resistant. The advantage of polycarbonate lenses is that they are thinner, lighter and shatterproof.

All of my husband’s sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses. Though it is quite expensive from the ordinary one but it gives  maximum protection from harmful uv radiation.


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