I lost my wedding ring! What shall I do ?

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A wedding ring is an important symbol of great significance. It symbolizes the eternal love a couple has for each other in conjunction to the shape of the ring which is round and unending. It is a fitting symbol of two individuals who have decided to become one entity until eternity.

What if you lost your wedding ring ? Then you should replace it as soon as possible because the ring is your public declaration of unavailability for further romance. A wedding band at the fourth finger on the left hand tells it all – that the wearer is already committed to another.

Yes, I am facing this challenge now because I lost my wedding ring while I was on a beauty training class. The instructor told us to put all rings away since it might react to the chemicals that we will be experimenting. I was carried away with the lesson and forgot to put it back. It was only in the evening that I realized my wedding ring was gone. Earnest effort has been exerted by me and my friends but all remained useless. Now I am forced to use my mothers ring instead of buying new one. I am glad  the design of my mom’s wedding ring  is somewhat  similar to mine.

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