Learning the piano will help you learn the basic of music

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My husband in one of the Praise Fest in our city

If you know how to play  the paino, you will also learn the basics of playing all kinds of other instruments. This is what my husband told our children when they were just starting learning to play our keyboard. True to what he was saying,  now our kids knows how to guitar and violin.

If you are looking for  electronic keyboards , you can find  it in every shape and size! These amazing devices are divided into five major categories: basic electronic keyboards, digital or electronic pianos, synthesizers MIDI keyboards and Controller. At home we have an electronic piano given by my mom and an electronic keyboard which have been with us for almost 8 years already. Now, we are planning to upgrade our keyboard and we are hoping to have the
microkorg xl plus at.musiciansfriend.com . Any takers of our old keyboard ? you can have it at a cheaper and negotiable price. Leave a comment here please.


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