I am not using wedding ring anymore… find out why …

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My heart is grieving until this moment that I no longer have a wedding ring on my third finger. It was accidentally lost while I was attending a beauty training course last year. Our teacher instructed us to remove all jewelry while we were doing a hair re-bonding chemical application. My mind really refused to follow the instruction but our teacher told me personally to remove it. I then placed it inside  my jeans pocket. Because of excitement, I totally forgot to get my ring from my pocket after the hair re-bonding Eight hours session. It was only at home that I remembered it and then… found out it was no longer in my jeans pocket. I exerted effort to find it – went to  the training venue and went to places I’ve been for the whole day but all my efforts were futile. Whew! Because of the incident, I decided to stop attending the class.  I was so discouraged and wished I didn’t enroll after all.

Good new is my hubbplatinum2y promised to replace it  before we will celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary . Though it will  still be in 2020 ,  he has  started looking for for platinum wedding rings. Why Platinum ? Because it is a strong and malleable metal and is the perfect one for making wedding bands and rings. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and excellent base to set precious stone in. I wish he can find a cheaper platinum rings soon.

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