My Blog was suspended by Google

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My latest post on this site was in July . As much as I wanted to update my post I was not able to do because my account was suspended. Considering that my web host provider is  busy   , I tried to troubleshoot the  problem on my own. I checked my domain bought from Go Daddy through google apps.  I found out that from my admin console  that my domain will still be expiring October . I checked other possible cause but  everything’s ok.  I just left this site suspended for another 2 weeks hoping it will be up  soon. Yesterday, I received Three tasks from an advertiser, so I was forced to contact my web host provider.  I was disheartened to know from my web host provider that I was suspended because  I did not respond with-in 24 -hours of a link removal request. What ??? I  deleted their links months ago . I  never procrastinates in deleting link removal request. Never! Because I know it will benefit me once I will delete links. Anyway, thanks to my web host provider for the immediate action. The suspension was lifted.

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