Wishing for Hyundai Tucson

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In this modern era of technologies and facilities, people need all source of comfort, and having vehicles are one of them. A four-wheeler becomes a must whether you are single or has a family with a wife and kids. One of the in-demand car manufacturer nowadays is Hyundai Motors. It’s a South Korean car maker which ranked as the 4th largest auto maker.

Recently , my brother bought a brand new Hyundai Accent and honestly, I can not help but be amazed with it’s features. The car is embedded with the advanced engine and is accompanied with the all comfort and safety features . Not only that it has an impressive exteriors but also has the roomy and spacious interiors.

Actually, my hubby and I decided to sell our Mitsubishi Adventure and get a second-hand Hyundai SUV like Tucson or Santa Fe. We enjoyed browsing through pre-owned vehicles from Utah Hyundai Website. For a down payment of $250, you can get a 2010 Hyundai Tucson for a total price of $15,000.00 . A very good deal for the SUV’s path breaking technology and excellent performance. With Hyundai Utah you can avail of special offers, apply for a financing, request a quote for brand new and used cars , print an e-brochure or know the fuel efficiency calculator.

We are planning and praying for a new vehicle before 2012 ends and we hope it could be our dream Hyundai Tucson or Sante Fe. If our budget permits, we wanted a brand new unit.

Hot Cars in SG

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If you are a Car Lover and wanted to see in person vintage and luxury cars on the road… then visit Singapore. When we were there last month, me and my hubby can’t help but be amazed to see Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, Lexus , BMW, Mercedes Benz , Used MINI Cooper and other European hot cars on the road. Hyundai Accent which is only for the rich here in the Philippines was made as Taxi in SG.

Going to Driving School

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A friend who’s going to marry next month with a foreigner wanted to enroll in a driving school. I encouraged here to do so and get an international driver’s license as well . Learning how to drive is a basic skill you need to have when going abroad. ” Who knows you will be driving luxury cars someday like my dreamed BMW UK “… I told her… Nelgin just laugh ! But seriously we discussed the need and she is willing to enroll in a driving school next week and hopefully get an international driving license.

Funny and Ironic ! I was advising her to learn to drive while I do not know how to drive yet. Actually, I know a little but I am really afraid to go out on the public road and drive our new SUV adventure. With the undisciplined drivers and unreliable traffic rules we have in our city, I am really afraid to drive. Anyway, my hubby’s always at my side to drive the kids to school, take me to the beauty salon and go with me with my shopping. This way, I am stress free ! What do you think of this arrangement?

Auto Shipment of Vehicles

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Finding the right car or a van for our family is quite not easy as what I thought. We have been dreaming and praying for a second-hand/used car or van for two years now. We have asked referrals from friends, relatives and church mates as to where we could buy a good second-hand unit to replace our old but yet reliable jeepy. We have it for four years and I would say, through thick and thin. Once we scanned the internet and we taken by surprise by those second hand vans sold in Manila for just the right price we could afford! One problem though we asked ourselves is the availability of any auto shipping company we could hire to transport the van.

Some of our friends encouraged us to visit different shipping companies here in our place and asked if they offer auto shipping that is practical and of course, one that we could afford too. We knew that this would be another additional expense if we decided to buy our van in Manila. We inquired several shipping offices and been informed of the price which is quiet bigger that what we expected. Another thing we should consider is the safety of our unit. Since shipping company here accepts cars, vans, trucks and pick-ups for transport, but it would be loaded together with other things like vegetables, furniture, dry goods and many others.

This gave us second thoughts and we agreed to find one good unit only here in our place. Thanks to the help of our friends, we have now our second hand van that is not only cheap but also works very, very well. Maybe in the future, if we decide to buy a car or a van in Manila, we have to consider a land trip that will take us around four days of travel. That is one exciting thing to do!