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Next Week January 21- 24 will be our Annual Leader’s Summit . Being the Church’s Admin Officer and Executive Secretary, I have bulk of paper and computer works to do. Last night, I was not able to do my rounds in the blogosphere since I have lot’s of computations to prioritize.

A while ago, I did some searching on the internet for the latest MS Power Point template which I will used for our Annual Accomplishment report. I desired for an excellent presentation this year since I was not satisfied with my graphic design last year. Thanks to my IT expert friend Mark, he introduced me to . He said it is the new Search Torrents to watch this 2010. I tried it today and true to his words I am satisfied with its performance. Downloading is faster than the popular Search Engine today. It is a mega upload site and has a remarkable large database. Your searches is just a click away. What made it unique is that you can view the top 3 and top 100 torrents for the day. Below is the sample of my search which shows the Title, Category, size , seeds and leeches.

Wanna try it? Start your year with a new Search Engine!

Domain Name

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I am on the process of of purchasing my new domain. In case you will find my site redirected pls bear with me. I am still finding my way navigating on all the details. My Blog mentors were all busy .. I am self -studying. I hope I can make it this time. Pls. bear from any inconveniences. Thank you.