Goodbye Blogosphere!

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I have just visited our blogger’s facebook group and I was surprised to learn that lots of bloggers are saying goodbye to the blogging world for varying reasons. The decreasing paid post from advertisers   is the top most answer.  Some  were already tired  of posting/updating their blogs knowing that revenue would be    stumpy.  Another reason is the high cost of renewal fee of domain and web hosting.  With incoming slowly coming in, some of the bloggers were compelled to give-up their blogs.  Other’s were just busy with their lives  and that blogging has no more space in their fast-paced  and hectic schedule.

As I was reading their comments,  I can not help but reflect their insights . Shall I bid goodbye too with  some of my blogs ?

My Blogging History

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The Blogosphere ( world of blogging ) has remarkably grown and is now drawing more attention to people of all ages. I thought starting a blog is very difficult. That blogging is only for those who are professional writers and those who are good in writing . Though some blogger friends, I realized ordinary people like me can blog.

My first blog focused on my Daily Walk of Like that is why I titled it from my favorite movie “ A WALK TO REMEMBER”. Then comes “AMAZING GRACE” ( this site) which was created after my mom died. Blogging has been my therapy in moving on with the sorrow and grief of losing my mom . It was my avenue to express my thoughts about life, love and family.

Now after 3 years , I have a total of 8 blog sites with the following niches – travel , beauty and fashion blog, home and real estate, health , parenting , food and personal. Now, I am planning to add to more sites to make it 10. I am choosing between photography, finance, technology and art.

If asked what I gained about blogging? My answer would be endless. It’s my hobby… my lifestyle. It’s my teacher since learned a lot of insights through it . I gained lots of friends not only virtual friends from real friends through local blogger community groups. I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging.

Problem with Blogger

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I Have a hard time publishing my post with image just awhile ago. I really wondered why… I tried getting images from my files and publish it but this will appear . It can not be save to draft too! This is the first time I encountered this problem after 2 years with blogger. Publishing is successful if post is without image. Any help out there? Please leave a comment.

I am Engineer … turn blogger !

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My hubby and I are both graduates of engineering courses. I majored in Civil engineering and he majored in Electrical Engineering. I practiced my profession for 12 years before working full time in the church. My husband had a different path in using his profession. Instead of working in big Electric companies, he chose to teach instead and after six years worked as a full time church minister until now.
An engineering job is one I always cherish in my life. I have a love affair with numbers and it’s challenging for me to work until the wee hours in the morning preparing for the plans of our projects. But my life today is more fulfilled as I enjoy taking care of our kids and at the same time work with my husband in the ministry.