A blogging break… it’s not a goodbye..

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In my previous post, I bid blogging goodbye but why I am back?

I change my mind…. No .. that this site. This is the very first blog that I made 6 years ago. Although Page rank dropped from Three to Zero last year ( until present… ) I realized I can’t give up AMAZING GRACE. Yeah, I can let go of others, like my finance and health blogs which I no longer updated for the past month but not this one. So here I am! It was just a blogging break. Everyone needs a break ? Agree ? So this time, I am taking it slowly. One post at a time. Maybe two posts in a week. Would that be ok ?

Goodbye Blogosphere!

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I have just visited our blogger’s facebook group and I was surprised to learn that lots of bloggers are saying goodbye to the blogging world for varying reasons. The decreasing paid post from advertisers   is the top most answer.  Some  were already tired  of posting/updating their blogs knowing that revenue would be    stumpy.  Another reason is the high cost of renewal fee of domain and web hosting.  With incoming slowly coming in, some of the bloggers were compelled to give-up their blogs.  Other’s were just busy with their lives  and that blogging has no more space in their fast-paced  and hectic schedule.

As I was reading their comments,  I can not help but reflect their insights . Shall I bid goodbye too with  some of my blogs ?

The Fairy Hobmother surprised us again!

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The family is  so happy today since Fairy Hobmother visited my hubby’s blog.  My kids jumped for joy   considering the bulk of payment. The last time Fairy hobmother visited my blog, I treat them out for a dinner date.

Fairy hobmother, you’re such a blessing to the blogosphere. Thank you for spreading your magical dust to our blogs!

Amazing Gift from Fairy Hobmother

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AMAZING because I have been visited by Fairy Hobmother among the millions of blogs in the worldwide web!

AMAZING since he let me choose among his Fairy overloads at www.appliancesonline.co.uk or $$$ Paypal Cash!

AMAZING!All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your blog URL where you want him to visit and follow him on twitter at @fairyhobmother.