Amazing Structures

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marina bay gardens

As a community develops and warehouses and factories spring up. This is what is happening now in our city where high-rise buildings and other infrastructure are sprouting . These on-going construction need certain equipment and regular supplies in order to operate efficiently. As a civil engineer by profession, I am always in awe with our advance technology these days. Decades ago, most of the job are done manually, now there are lots of mechanical equipments operated electronically. My favorite shows on TV are those which features future engineering and construction works. I hope to write on this page some of the amazing structures that are currently constructed in the whole world. I’ve been to to the two cooled conservatory in Garden’s by the Bay, Singapore and the amazing Marina Bay Sands. On my next post, I would surely  talk about how  these buildings  got  lots of awards .

Plumbing repairs like frozen pipes

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I could just imagine the smell in our son’s room when our sewage pipe broke. Actually, that pipe passes underneath his room and we were just shocked with the foul smell. It was a Friday night and all of us just want to have rest from the busy day. And here comes the smell…ooohhhh…that awful stench. My husband tried to locate it and discovered that it came from underneath our son’s room. We closed his room for the night and contacted a local plumber in the morning. We just couldn’t stand the smell.

I worked as a project coordinator in a construction firm for seven years and I’m really particular in the aspects of drainage and sewerage system in all our housing projects. That would be one of the things I always checked if properly constructed. Our construction plumbers are all experts and we always see to it that the finished houses are quality checked. Being a Civil engineer myself, I couldn’t stand to think that our very own house experienced this problem. Yes plumbing troubles can sometimes be annoying. It’s good that we just have a broken sewage pipe. There other plumbing problems like frozen pipes and leakages that would surely bring headache to homeowners. I’m glad that our problem was solved that day after our plumber repaired it.

( I am participating in a blogger campaign for Bucks2Blog about plumbing repair and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.)

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Singapore?

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After the enjoyable Dolphin show at the under world, Sentosa Island, Singapore, our host toured us to Seloso Beach . We saw these steel buildings at the background and I was not able to control myself and be amazed with the structure. The structure reminded me of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The construction of the Seven Towers are still on-going. I can only imagine the the online electrical, mechanical, and architect engineering degrees it took to create such structures. I’m certain many industrial design schools must use these buildings as stellar examples of perfection. They are inspiring; goes to show that with God, all things are possible.

Whew! How I wish to be back in the City of Lion and be there when the said buildings will be operational.

Church Renovation

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We have just discussed the construction of the new Comfort Room for men in our church and what came to my mind are the fixtures to be installed. The Comfort room includes to showers, three urinals and two water closet. That would be enough to serve the congregation of men in our church.

I was reminded also of our planned renovation of our comfort room. I told my hubby how I really want to have a separate shower and hot tub in it. And ohhh, those hot tub cover will come in handy and elegant. I could just see my husband smiling to me when I mentioned it. And of course, I want a new water closet and other fixtures too in our comfort room.

Follow Material Specification

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Since Friday , images and videos of the devastating killer Tsunami are all over the internet, newspaper and TV. I have just visited the Operation Blessing International website to get some data for office communication and once again the homepage focused on their relief operation in Japan. My attention was caught to a building which withstand the 8.9M earthquake. I am sure the steel building was built complete with metal cladding. If not of Japan’s advanced construction technology, the damage would be far greater than what they had now.

Being a Civil Engineer by profession, I advised those who are planning to construct your home or any structure to strictly purchase the material specifications and follow the standard work procedure.