My Blog was suspended by Google

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My latest post on this site was in July . As much as I wanted to update my post I was not able to do because my account was suspended. Considering that my web host provider is  busy   , I tried to troubleshoot the  problem on my own. I checked my domain bought from Go Daddy through google apps.  I found out that from my admin console  that my domain will still be expiring October . I checked other possible cause but  everything’s ok.  I just left this site suspended for another 2 weeks hoping it will be up  soon. Yesterday, I received Three tasks from an advertiser, so I was forced to contact my web host provider.  I was disheartened to know from my web host provider that I was suspended because  I did not respond with-in 24 -hours of a link removal request. What ??? I  deleted their links months ago . I  never procrastinates in deleting link removal request. Never! Because I know it will benefit me once I will delete links. Anyway, thanks to my web host provider for the immediate action. The suspension was lifted.

Happy Women’s Day 2014

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happy womens days

I am not good in remembering dates of International Celebratios, but when I open Google today, I was greeted with the Women’s Day 2014 doodle displayed on Google’s home page.

I was curious with the image, so I search for the meaning. Here’s what I’ve found :

The Google logo features a play button in the second ‘O’ of the logo, which also depicts the Venus symbol for women – a small circle, with a cross below it. The Google logo in turn is surrounded by more Venus symbols.

Hitting the play button causes a YouTube video to open up. The video has women from all walks of life wishing people Happy International Women’s Day. I was so happy to hear our country’s version, 3 coast guard in blue uniform greeted the women around the world!

122 Entries for my Amazing Birthday Contest!

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I have posted awhile ago the 122 entries of my contest with links to their contest post, but a blogger friend emailed me and suggested to post screen shots only since posting all 122 entries might drain my Page Rank Juice.

What do you think? Does goggle prohibit links more than a hundred in one post? I wanted to publish all of them so that I will know if I’ve missed other bloggers. What do you think? Please leave a comment as I will draw the winners this evening . Thanks!